9 Yoga for Hair Growth that will help you to treat hairfall

There are many proven benefits of following a definite yoga routine every day. It promotes a healthier lifestyle and it’s good for your mind as well as body. But have you ever heard that there are yoga asanas for hair growth as well? In this article, we will cover extensively the theory of yoga for Hair Growth

In ancient times, most people used to have healthier hair and skin textures by following age-old remedies and tricks passed on from generation to generation.

Our current high stress and competitive lifestyle with a high screen time, only adds insult to injury. Although we cannot change the way we work, small steps like adding yoga to your routine can bring so many good things in your life.

Continue reading the article below to find out more about yoga for hairfall.

Hair Fall

Before we can delve deeper into the possible yoga for hair benefits, it is imperative that you get a clear understanding of what exactly counts as hair fall and whether or not you should be worried.

This condition, also called alopecia can affect a person on any part of their body that grows hair. It can either be temporary or permanent. The temporary reasons can be stress, changes in your lifestyle, or any external factors like pollution or weather. 

However, the more permanent reasons can be hereditary, hormones or any diseases are generally not easily fixable by simply doing yoga for hair loss. For such conditions, you must visit a doctor who can recommend medical procedures and treatments.

According to scientific studies, it is normal and even healthy for a person to lose 100 strands of hair per day. If your hair fall count is close to that then you can rest assured about the health of your hair conditions.

Does yoga prevent hair fall –true or false?

One of the ongoing debates globally is whether or not yoga and exercises like rubbing nails for hair growth are even credible.

Yes, activities like yoga and pranayama are actually known to stimulate hair growth. When a person practices the recommended exercises, it allows the flow of blood into every part of their body including the scalp.

This blood flow and circulation are good for bringing life back and rejuvenating dry and limp hair. It will help you control the falling hair massively and also lead to healthier growth.

It is important to note that yoga is a way of life, a person should incorporate yoga for hair loss into their daily lives; only then will you see great results.

Asanas for hair growth

If you have recently begun to experience minor or major hair loss, then add these eight hair growth exercises to your regime.

1. Sirsasana

Famously known as the headstand, this is not just a part of hair growth yoga but also a common gymnastic exercise.

Yoga for Hair Growth

When you stand on your head and put your feet in the air, all the blood from your body automatically travels to the scalp

You can learn to hold this position for longer durations of time and then see benefits like reduction in hair thinning, balding, and hair loss.

2. Kapalabhati

The name of this particular exercise for hair fall is formed after combining two words, skull and light.

Yoga for Hair Growth

It is essentially a breathing exercise or more like a technique that is meant for reducing stress and anxiety. It in turn cleanses toxins from your body and increases the supply of oxygen which helps in the growth of hair.

3. Vajrasana

This is probably the easiest of all the yoga for hair fall control mentioned in this list. 

Yoga for Hair Growth

You will simply have to sit while kneeling down and keeping your legs folded inside while keeping the back ramrod straight.

Additionally, this exercise is not only beneficial for better hair but also for better posture and digestion. If you would like your digestive system to keep right on track then sit in the Vajrasana after every meal for a couple of minutes and you shall see the difference.

4. Balasana

This exercise is good for those people, who are trying to relieve their stress along with fixing their hair fall issues,

The Balasana enables the practitioner to flex their muscles after a long day and exhale and inhale while keeping their hands in front of their heads.

You can try to hold this position for half and minute and then eventually increase the time for it as you begin to see great results with this yoga for hairfall.

5. Matsyasana

In Sanskrit, the word Matsya is referred to as a fish which is what this yoga position is about. Although this is a very effective asana for building strong hair, people who suffer from any back problems should avoid doing it completely.


You can lie on your back and fold your legs inside like a cross.

Engage your core and hold this pose for at least 30 seconds. 

6. Adho Mukha Svanasana

This Sanskrit word means the downward dog pose and is one of the 12 parts from the Surya Namaskar.

This pose is great yoga for hair fall control since the person practicing it gets to stimulate better blood flow by putting their arms downwards and facing down the ground.

It is suggested that if you suffer from any high blood pressure symptoms then you should avoid doing this.

7. Sarvangasana

This exercise is the opposite of the headstand. It is a rigorous pose that requires the strength of your full body. Follow the instructions given below if you want to achieve the perfect position for this exercise to grow hair faster.

  1. Lie down on your back, preferably near a wall if you are a beginner.
  2. Prop your feet up the wall and gently lift your back from the ground too.
  3. Soon, only your head will remain on the ground while you can continue to support the rest of your body with your hands.

8. Uttanasana

This yoga pose for hair growth will require you to almost fold your body in half. You must warm up properly before practicing this to avoid any muscle strains.

Stand with your back straight and lift your arms up. After that, you can slowly bend your entire back downwards until you are able to touch your head with your knees or ankles (depending on your height).

It is a very effective exercise to make the follicles in your hair stronger and prevent them from breaking.

9. Rubbing your nails for hairfall

This is another very common technique that has been passed around like a hair growth tactic. 

It has been seen that consistent nail rubbing for hair growth can eventually help. However, the downside to this practice is that most people cannot keep up with the constant nail rubbing for at least a year.

It is a fairly time taking process, which can be a hit or a miss while also taking a toll on your nails from all that rubbing. 

Reasons for hair loss and prevention techniques

It should also be kept in mind that you cannot assume that just doing yoga will automatically fix your hair. You will also have to make some major lifestyle changes to support your yoga for hair regrowth.

Here are some common reasons why hair fall begins in the first place:

Sometimes, the rapid falling of your hair can be due to collective reasons such as a change in season or the stress of the pandemic.

You can navigate through such changes by incorporating some simple exercise for hair fall and you will start feeling much better about your hair in general.

  • Hereditary
  • Ageing
  • Hormones
  • Inadequate Haircare
  • Infections
  • Heat through the styling products
  • Poor Diet and lifestyle choices

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Is there any scientific backing that states that Yoga helps in stopping hair fall for a person?

A – Yes, several published papers have talked about the benefits of yoga for hair growth many times over the years.

Q – Which is the most effective yogic exercise that can help in stopping major hair fall?

A – The more blood circulation into your scalp, the better will be the hair growth. This is why; the Sirsasana or the headstand is one of the most recommended exercises to grow hair faster.

Q – Can simply practicing yoga every day help me stop my hair from falling completely?

A – Yes, you can see visible results in the health of your hair after practicing the above-mentioned asanas on a regular basis. However, keep in mind that a good and nutritious diet and mental health have to go along with it.

Can Yoga help me with hair fall if I suffer from hereditary balding?

No, if your baldness or a receding hairline is due to any kind of permanent hereditary gene then unfortunately even the best yoga for hair growth will not be able to cure it.

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