5 Easiest Basic Meditation Techniques for Beginners to Get Started

Meditation is the best method that not only improves our relaxation but improves our general wellness as well. When I just got to know about meditation, the biggest challenge that I faced was how to meditate as a beginner. After doing huge research on different platforms I realized some of the best methods of meditation and also I got to know the Basic Meditation Techniques for beginners that you can start with. Also, I realized that learning how to meditate may seem like a difficult task for beginners, but the fact is the basics are pretty straightforward. If you are looking for Basic Meditation Techniques for Beginners, You can follow these Basic Meditation Techniques for Beginners.

When you meditate, you’ll get to know how much movement happens in the mind and how little you live in the present. Our mind is full of thoughts every second and we are jumping from ideas to memories for most of our waking hours. We can learn to observe our thoughts perhaps begin to change them. The key to meditate is taking a step back and witnessing the thoughts instead of identifying with them.

Once, you start meditation you get deeper into your practice, You will learn to manage your thoughts and eventually understand yourself better.

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Basic Meditation

Meditation means different things to different people. There a many types of meditation such as “Mindfulness meditation”, “Awareness Meditation”, “Spiritual Meditation”, “Chanting Meditation”, “Relaxation Meditation”, “Focused”, “Movement Meditation”, “Transcendental Meditation, and many more. Here I’ve discussed two basic meditation types, Awareness and Mindfulness meditation.

Awareness Meditation

It means stability gained from mindfulness to explore the mechanism of your thoughts and mind like emotion, sensation, perception frequency and so many things. This is a more advanced tactic that leads to great insights, and the basic is Mindfulness.

Mindfulness Meditation

In Mindfulness Meditation, We are fully inhabited at the present moment. In this meditation, We can let go of everything else that is preoccupying us for a few moments by settling mindfully in the present moment and its results are wonderful. And, that’s why this is so much an effective way to combat your stress.

Now the question is how to practicing mindfulness?

Well, the answer is so easy this is one of the best-used methods to encourage us to sit mindfully & simply pay attention to our breath.

As we have discussed something about basic meditation, Now I’ll share some tips How to Meditate as you’re a beginner.

Basic Meditation Techniques for Beginners

As here we’re talking about Basic Meditation Techniques for Beginners, So it will be best to take it slow as you can meditate “religiously” for 5 to 10 minutes every day when you’re just starting. As long as you’ll get into practice, You can sit for longer periods. Also, you can take more frequent “mindful breaks” in your day if you can choose. And trust me sooner you’ll see that you can’t even imagine your day without meditation.

So let’s get started.

1. Sit comfortably

To start your meditation Just find a place that is quiet and calm where you can practice daily meditation. Setting up a comfortable environment will help to set the right mood to meditate and too & you can return to the same space to practice.

Now find a comfortable posture that suits you. You can sit on a chair, sofa, table cushion, or a bench but try to make sure that your back is straight. Pay attention to your back. Maintain an alignment without being more rigid about it. Just be relaxed.

2. Be in the present

After sitting in your comfortable posture make sure if there is any problem or tension in your body. If you found there is any tension observe or invite them to loosen up gently. Now it’s time to observe your eyes, Either you can close your eyes that’s the traditional way of meditation. Also, you can meditate with open eyes.


In open eyes, experts recommend keeping them half-open with your gaze directed down and in front of you. Half-open eyes keep you alert.

Basic Meditation Techniques for Beginners,

Now listen to the sensations carefully that are flowing in your body, And feel it how it is flowing to sit here, Aware of the thoughts that are wandering through your mind. In this state just experience what is going on at that moment, just be in the present.

3. Basic Breathing Technique

Now breathe naturally, don’t force it whether it is slow, deep, or consistent. Observe your breathe and take to time to notice the quality and rhythm of your respiration. The mind starts wandering when aware of your breathing. At this state let your thoughts go through and bring your attention back to the object of your meditation.

4. Feel the sensation when you are Meditating

Aware of your body through meditation. That means the mediation also includes a mental body scan. You can start with your toes. Feel the sensations on your toes. make a slight movement on toes how does it feel? is there any tension? Feel the sensation on each leg one by one. how does it feel? Is there any tension? Same as a focus on every part of your body and feel the movements and sensations. Do not change or analyze anything, just analyze. Gradually, when you come to your mind, Gently bring your concentration back to the consideration of your body. After doing this you can return your attention to your breath or continue with your body scanning.

5. Build your regular Practice after starting Meditation

Start with this mediation for ten minutes a day. it will build up your practice as you are used to it and find more stillness. Ten minutes of meditation a day in the morning will give you time, awareness, & more concentration to your work throughout the day.

In this busy and stressful world, We have locked our source of wisdom, peace, and happiness inside us. with the help of this ten minutes practice, we can unlock & begin to access it and all the stress has begun to drift away. we are getting to know ourselves, dig deeper into that and that is such an amazing thing.

6. Basic Meditation is an integral part of your lifestyle

In Meditation, you are aware of the present moment. It needs to train your mind actively to dwell in the here. It is an interesting thing that although we all have really got the present moment and we are rarely even take notice of it until we begin meditating. But when we start it is like we have got the key that unlocks the qualities and insights that have always been there for the taking. we just never took the time or quite knew how & now is all we have.

Now we are sure that you’re interested in the practice of meditation and it’s results. Great! make your life more joyful and valuable. If you have any meditation tips for beginners? Kindly share them with the community in the comments below!

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