Best Gym Shoes Under 1500

If you visit a shoe store, there’s a high risk that you’ll go over budget and be persuaded by the salesperson to buy something expensive. If, on the other hand, you order shoes online, you know exactly how much they cost and no one is asking if they should purchase more than their budget! Now that’s what I call convenience. (Plus, I get to shop from home!) Above all else, the best thing about shopping online is the affordable prices. Online shoe stores like Amazon have many affordable items in stock – and lucky for us, it seems they never run out. Check out these 10 shoe designs while they last!

1. Sparx Men’s Sneakers

These shoes never go out of style and are perfect for pairing with smart casual attire. You can wear them to work, a party or pretty much any other occasion with ease. Not just for special occasions though, these shoes can accompany you during your everyday life — in white, too.


2. Power Women’s Barefoot Running Shoes

In today’s world, we need to stay physically fit in order to be successful in both our personal and professional lives. We can’t expect to thrive for long without physical and mental equilibrium. And while we focus on fitness, we need to do it the right way – with good equipment like our shoes. From morning jogs to evening treadmills, one needs shoes more than just a fashion statement. And Power has equipment that’s affordable and comfortable.


3. KazarMax Women Light Weight Sneaker Shoes

If you’re a colourful person who loves to experiment with different colours, then Amazon’s variety of funky shoes is for you. Speaking of colours, KazarMax offers stylish sneakers in various colors. The colour possibilities are endless; we have black, blue, bronze and many more. If you’re as enticed as I am about this pretty pair of sneakers, the deal is on at the ongoing Great Indian Festival sale. Get them while stocks last!


4. Power Women’s Barefoot Running Shoes

5. Lotto Women’s Sancia Running Shoes

At Lotto, we believe that some places work better with mesh shoes. Lotto Sancia is a well-designed pair of shoes and very comfortable. The cushioning is pretty good too! You’ll be very pleased with the way they look, too. These shoes are made of rubber and provide good traction – you won’t slip or slide. The toe box is also nice and roomy because some people need to wiggle their toes around once in awhile. Some customers found that this pair needed a little more cushioning in the back but most customers were surprised at the quality and comfort for such an affordable price. They were very happy and bought more than one pair!


6. Sparx SL-88 Women’s Running Shoes

The upper of the Sparx SL-88 is made of mesh material, so it’s quite lightweight. You’ll be able to wear the shoe quite comfortably, as it has just enough cushioning. I’d recommend wearing this one for light running or walking only–nothing too serious. It will give you an EVA sole that will make the shoe flexible and durable. Many users say they’ve worn these shoes leisurely for months at a time without issue. Wearers have also noted that the shoe runs large, so don’t order a larger size if you plan on using them outside.


7. Power Women’s Burton L Running Shoes

Power Burton L Running shoe is surprisingly comfortable. It’s well-made upper is made of synthetic and mesh materials, and it’s also lightweight. The color combination of the shoe makes it look very attractive. A good option for those who want to spend as little as they can.


8. Meriggiare Women’s Fashion Sneakers

This shoe is black and comes with an elegant design. The air vents make sure your shoes dry quickly, for a refreshing feeling without any unpleasant smell. The high elasticity of the sole will provide you with a comfortable walking experience, as it ensures that the weight of the shoe is evenly distributed on your feet. It’s also shockproof and safeguards your knees and ankles from any impact that would otherwise cause serious injury. This shoe weighs about 310 grams.


9. Campus Running Shoes

It has a great design with lace-up closure for enhanced performance. The outer material is made of mesh which also provides a comfortable experience. It has cushions that don’t strain your heels, which makes it lightweight and shockproof footwear.


10. Belini Running Shoes

This pair of shoes have a lace-up closure. It measures about 17 inches from the arch to the heel. Its style is round toe and its outer material is made of mesh. It has a rubber sole that provides total comfort.


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