I Hate Weight Lifting | Weight Lifting Alternatives to Lose Weight

Losing weight can often be an uphill battle even when it seems as though you’re doing everything right. You can eat clean, manage your portion size and get plenty of regular exercise and it still might feel as though as you are not seeing the results that you might have hoped for. If you are struggling to see any positive change when you step on that bathroom scale, it might be a sign that it’s time to shake up your workout strategy.

Weight Lifting Alternatives

When starting a new workout plan, the very first question you might be asking yourself is this: Should I focus on Cardio or on lifting weights?

To determine whether cardio or weight training is superior exercise techniques when it comes to weight loss, we need to break both forms of exercise down to their bare essentials and examine the pros and cons in detail.

 Should I Focus on Cardio or Strength-Training?

Let’s start with one of the most obvious questions:

What is the main difference between cardio and strength-training activities?

According to scientific research 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise such as running, jogging or cycling, will net you somewhere between 250 to 365 calories depending on them depending on your weight and level of intensity. while on the other hand, Taking part in a weight training exercise for a similar amount of time will instead only yield about 130 to 220 calories burnt in a single session.

With this in mind, it seems pretty apparent that cardio exercise helps you to burn more calories at least in a short burst. So that’s one truth about cardio

While cardiovascular exercise might help you burn more on a session-to-session basis, that’s no reason to sleep on weight training as a weight loss aid.

weight training might not burn as many calories, it does help you to build and develop muscle mass. By building up your body’s store of lean muscle, will help your body to burn more calories overall, even during the period of time in which you are not actively exercising. This is because muscle increases your resting metabolism and burn more calories during the period of rest than fat.

This means that while a workout that focuses on weight lifting won’t make you see results quite as quickly as cardio it will help you to lose weight as more of a long-term investment of sorts by making it easier for your body to burn more calories over time. With that in mind that brings our score of 1 to 1.

With the score all tied up, it seems as though you can’t necessarily go wrong when it comes to which form of exercise you prefer. While cardio will help you to burn through calories and lose weight at a faster rate (assuming you stick with it), Weight training exercise helps you build more muscle which will help with your overall weight loss in the long term. But maybe just maybe figuring out which of these two modes of exercise are “best” might not be the best way to analyze them so far. We’ve been treating cardio and weight as a “one or other” style binary but really, what’s stopping you from doing both.

In fact, that’s been suggested that relying on multiple types of exercising might be the best course of action to make the most of your weight loss journey. Additionally, there are other forms of physical exercise you can try out besides these two in order to maximize your weight loss potential. For example, another option of weight loss exercise you can look into is high-intensity interval training otherwise known as HIIT. This particular style of physical activity revolves around alternating between periods of extremely high-intensity exercise followed by periods of lowered intensity as a chance for the body to recover.


A high-intensity workout you can do for 10-30 minutes per session and also it can be any form of exercise such as biking, jumping rope, sprinting, are just a few examples.

In addition to similar weight loss results compared to traditional cardio exercises, high-intensity interval training may also burn more calories by comparison as well.

According to one study, HIIT exercise was found to burn somewhere between 25-3% more calories compared to other forms of exercise.

So what can we glean from all of this information?

Well, Based on the facts we’ve broken down there definitely seems to be no “wrong answer” when it comes to the exercise option, at least out of one’s presented in this video.

If you are looking to burn lots of fat and lose weight, try Cardio.

If your end goal is not only to lose fat but also build up your muscle mass, try some weight training exercise.

If you really wanna push yourself and speed up your results, you might feel even inclined to attempt some high-intensity training workout in your workout as well. 

If you really wanna be working out to your full potential though, then your best course of action might be to incorporate multiple forms of physical activities into your workout regime.

Best Alternatives to Lifting Weights

Workout is important but running on the treadmill every day is so boring and few of us would not like to work out the same every day. So here are some other interesting weight lifting alternatives for you:

1. Bhangra Workout

The masala bhangra workout is the Indian dance style. this is a healthy dance style in modernizes the high-energy folk dance of bhangra by blending traditional dance steps and the exhilaration of Bollywood and Punjabi moves. this unique dance style is done having fun and is suitable for any age group and fitness level.

Masala bhangra is a 40-60 minutes dance and music is based on dhol beats. These beats help in making it a high-energy workout. This dance is best in a group and burns 500 calories an hour. this workout also tones up the whole body and also helps to maintain correct posture and strength and core.

2. Zumba

Zumba involves dance and aerobic elements.

· The exercises include music with fast and slow beats, as well as resistance training.

· The music comes from the following dance styles: mambo, flamenc, soca, samba, belly dancing, bhangra, hip hop music, axé music, and tango.

· A Zumba class is an hour long and burns 800-900 calories per hour.

3. Bodyweight HIIT Workout Routine

If someone wants to gain more muscle mass and also looking to burn calories then a bodyweight HIIT workout routine is the best way to go.

The best bodyweight HIIT workout routine may include:

1: Squat and Rear Lunge

2: Squat, Plank, and Push-Up

3: Squat Jumps In-and-Out

4: Side-to-Side Lunge Chops

5: Plank Pike Jumps

Did you find this article helpful? For you, workout nuts, fitness junkies, and weekend warriors listening to this what are some other workout techniques and strategies that you feel have worked best for you? We would love to read the feedback on your experience. So please let us know in the comment below and help us keep this conversation going.

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