Remedies for Dry Skin in the Winter

Take care of your skin at home this winter.

the right routine and a few key changes to your go-to habits and products can help keep both face and body skin soft 

Here is How-->>

1. Don't take super-hot (or long) shower

Too much hot water causes increased evaporation of your skin's natural hydration," explains Anne Chapas, M.D. 

2. Use a thicker moisturizer in the winter

The thicker texture "seals moisturizing ingredients into dry, cracked, flaking skin 

3. Moisturize multiple times a day

It's important to slather yourself in moisturizer in the morning and before you snooze, starting with your face.  

5. Skip the toner

Astringents, often made with alcohol to absorb oil, are best for balmier months when you’re more sweat-prone because they can exacerbate dryness 

6. Exfoliate in moderation

Swap more abrasive cleansing tools like scratchy loofahs, sponges, or body brushes for softer washcloths 

7. Humidify your home

Use a humidifier to add moisture back into the air, recommends Rachel Rothman,

8. Moisturize all over

Keep hands and feet soft and hydrated all winter long by slathering on a rich hand cream (like GH Beauty Lab hydrating hand creams test winner 

9. Drink up!

Proper hydration is directly related to skin cell regeneration, GH Nutrition Lab experts say, which is key to a glow.  

10. Don't skip your lips

The skin on your lips is thinner than the rest of your face, making it more susceptible to damage from the harsh winter elements 

11. Add an extra layer of skin care

Dab on a thick ointment like GH Seal star Aquaphor as a last step in your skincare routine.