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Before knowing about the opportunity let’s talk about why you should consider write for us Fitness Fiker there are a few reasons:

Our Websites provide a platform to explore the three most demanding topics topic: physical Fitness, Mental fitness with positivity, and Food with nutrition. so if you write for our website, you’ll be joining a community of writers who are spreading awareness and adding some value to the visitor of the website.

on the demand of our readers, you’ll be writing for an audience that is genuinely showing interest in learning more about their physical fitness, mental fitness, and nutrition. Writing for us will be beneficial for you to build a portfolio, will help to get new professional opportunities and connection,s and even more as a collaboration to add some value in the lives of our visitors.

We respect each and every writer that we work with. We love to read all of your new perspectives, ideas, and takes on the different niches in the health domain. We at Fitness Fiker strive to provide a supportive community with open communication and ideas.

Before submitting there is a checklist kindly read all the guidelines:

  • we cover topics related to health. we are happy to consider the content that is a little bit outside but relevant to health fitness.
  • content must be a relevant, research-based, case study and easy for the audience to understand.
  • Any claims made should be backed by reputable sources.
  • Your article should be of 800 words at least.
  • tone of the article should be informative, fun and friendly.

How To Submit

submitting is super easy! Just Jump to the contact us page or you can mail shwetat484@gmail.com and send a message. Make sure you are including:

  • A little but about yourself,
  • A few potential ideas for article topics

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So what are you waiting for…We are waiting for your submission and looking forward to work with you.