Yoga Mat: Benefits, Types, and How to Buy Yoga Mat Online Under 1000

The recent years with globalization and a worldwide pandemic, more and more people in the world have started adopting yoga into their daily lives. A Yoga mat and some sunlight are all you need to have a good workout session.

It is an essential step to select just the best yoga mat to get gains out of this ancient exciting method. 

In this article, we are going to list everything you should keep in mind while buying yoga mats online. We will also list some benefits of getting a mat and how to take care of your fitness mat so that it lasts for a long time.

Yoga Mat

Exercise mats or as we call them yoga carpets are essential to your routine. All professional yoga experts recommend it and have it at their studios too. All mats are not the same, hence it is important to understand the difference between them before buying.


It is necessary to understand why you need yoga mats, at all before you get them. Here, we have compiled some yoga mat benefits for you to go through:

1. Anti-Slip

This is a very practical and basic benefit. A mat sticks to the surface of the floor and provides a grip to the person on it, thus preventing any injuries due to slipping. 

2. Insulation

There is a temperature difference between your body and the ground that you are practicing on. A yoga carpet will prevent and stop any loss of heat or energy from your side, thus providing insulation.

3. Grip

While practicing the asana during a yoga session, the person has to stretch into several positions. A mat has a tendency to stick to the ground it is laid down on. They are rigid and flexible.

4. Convenience

If you are practicing yoga outside, maybe in a park or a concrete place, then carrying your fitness mat there is pretty easy. You can roll it and carry it on your shoulders.

5. Provides grounding effect

On many occasions, experts have emphasized the importance of these yoga carpets. It prevents any of the person’s energy from seeping into the ground, thus helping in achieving a super-conscious state of mind.

Types of Yoga mats

The market is flooded with all kinds of workout mats. There are designer yoga mats as well as cheap yoga mats, depending on a person’s budget.

If you like soothing colors for meditations then there are options for it. However, if you like loud things then you can also get printed yoga mats in any shape or form. The selection range differs on the basis of the materials used to make these

The noteworthy point is that there is a wide variety; here are some types of mats for you to choose from:

  • Natural Rubber 
  • Jute Mats
  • Cork Yoga Mats
  • PVC or TPE mats (which are synthetic materials)

What to look for?

Firstly, as a general standard, people can comfortably use a standard size used by everyone, which is 24 x68 inches. However, taller people can also go for the 72 inches or get it custom-made.

The second thing that you must look out for when you buy yoga mat online is the material. There are many different materials available according to customer preference. There are also foam mats for extra support for someone who might have bone density-related issues.

If you are someone who is just starting out, then getting a rubber mat is a good idea. These yoga mat cost are within the reasonable budget for those just starting out.  

How to Buy Yoga Mat Online?

There are many outlets from where you can buy yoga mats online. In the field of yoga for beginners or seasoned people, the requirements of a good yoga mat remain the same.

When you go to buy an exercise mat, it is not necessary for it to Buy designer yoga mat online. Here are some of the details you should keep in mind before buying it:

  • It is important to decide whether or not you actually require one. These mats bring structure but it is not a 100% necessary purchase.
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  • If you do decide to get one, then look for a thick yoga mat. It will be cushiony and protect you when you fall.
  • It is also a good idea to have a mat which is designed to absorb sweat. People tend to sweat a lot in long hot yoga exercise sessions.
  • If possible, you should get a mat made of sustainable materials which can be recycled easily. Yoga teaches us to be environmentally cautious with the growing climate change.
  • Lastly, remember to measure the mat’s size. It should be in accordance with your height.


Buying your Yoga mat is just one step. With regular use, it can get dirty and even begin to lose its cushioning which is why you must know how to clean yoga mat properly and take care of it.

While practicing yoga, you will obviously sweat; dirt and grime can stick on the surface, which is why you can regularly spot clean those areas with some cleaning cloth and spray.

However, it will also require some deep cleaning at regular intervals of a couple of weeks. Here’s how to wash a yoga mat:

  • Check your manual which must have accompanied the mat during the purchase. It will mention whether the mat needs a hot or cold wash.
  • Begin by using a very mild cleaning solution, you can hand wash it.
  • For a washable yoga mat, use a harsher liquid cleaning solution and mix it with water. Use it to thoroughly rinse it with either cold or warm water depending on the instructions.
  • Under no circumstances should you put inside the washer or dryer.

Here are some care tips you can follow to keep the longevity of your fitness mat:

  • Keep the mat away from direct and harsh sunlight; it can lead to the colour to fade slowly.
  • It is advisable for the users to not use any kind of lotions or essential oils while using the mat.
  • If your mat is made up of any kind of rubber or PVC, then avoid using any oily or greasy products while cleaning.
  • Never fold up your exercise mat without letting it dry completely, since that can cause it to lose shape.

Yoga Mats Recommendations:

Products NameSpecificationsMaterialWeight Buy Now
1. 13mm Extra Thick NBR Yoga and Exercise Mat with Carrying Strap, RedSoftness, Lightweight, Comfort, DuarbleNitrile Butadiene Rubber1 KgBuy Now
2. Boldfit Yoga Mats For WomenAnti Slip, Sweat Resistant, Easy strappingEthylene Vinyl Acetate350 g Buy Now
3. Spotzero By Milton Tejas Yoga Matstability and support, Designed for all AgeThermoplastic Elastomers994 gBuy Now
4. Boldfit Yoga Mats for Women and MenExtra Grip, Washable, Sweat ResistanceNitrile Butadiene Rubber650 GramsBuy Now
5. Fitness Mantra EVA Yoga Mat for GymEco Friendly, High Resiliant, Easy to CleanEthylene Vinyl Acetate700 gBuy Now


Is it mandatory to practise Yoga with a mat?

The ancient art of Yoga did not require any special equipment or even a yoga mat as a compulsion. However, in accordance to the lifestyle of the current generation is better to have a cushion while practicing it.

Is it better to get a Rubber mat or one made with organic materials?

Organic gym exercise mat materials include jute, cotton, cork, or natural rubber and are the better option since they are not harmful to the environment and have been here for a long time.

What should be my budget to buy a yoga mat online?

A good quality Yoga mat is available beginning from $2 to even $200. The pricier ones will be completely custom-made from organic raw materials.

How can I know if a Yoga mat is good or not before buying it?

According to experts, the best yoga mats are the ones that have some kind of texture for better grip. When out buying for these mats, you should look for thick ones for extra support.

Is the design and appearance of a yoga mat important?

No, except for the texture and thickness there are no special preferences for the mat as such. A customer can choose a printed yoga mat or a plain one based on their free will.


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